Tuesday, October 06, 2015

To my friends who travel

I have a lot of friends who travel.  I did a lot of traveling for work at a previous job, and the folks who are still there still travel very frequently.  This post is for you, the weary traveler.  May you get some more rest on the plane with this product.  If I still traveled, I would totally get one! 

This portable compact neck pillow looks pretty amazing.  Some special features of this travel pillow include a soft velour cover in a variety of colors, a multimedia pouch for your listening devices, and a drawstring closure to ensure ultimate comfort.  Not to mention the cool travel bag that can reduce the pillow to a much smaller size to save space.  You can even attach it to your luggage! 

I didn't think I would ever have a use for one until  I watched the video on the website and saw that you can use it at the beach.  I may need to get one after all! 

What is your "must-have" item for comfort during travel?  Have any of you tried this pillow?  What did you think of it?

Sunday, October 04, 2015

What do you buy the man who has everything?

As we approach our anniversary, I am plagued with the question, what to buy my husband as a gift?  We decided before our 1st anniversary that we wanted to try to do the traditional gift.  It has been really fun to figure out something to do that fits within the category of the traditional gift but is still relevant to us.  This year, the traditional gift is fruit or flowers.  Don't even ask what I'm going to do because I honestly don't know.  I have a few thoughts, but nothing spectacular yet. 

But wow, do I wish I had known about these wallets last year.  They are really cool, and would have been the perfect traditional gift.  These slim minimalist wallets for men are beautiful and functional, and since Jon is always saying his wallet is too thick, one of these would probably be really appreciated.  They are a great gift for the man who has everything.  Just look at how slim this thing is!  Seriously, that's pretty amazing compared to the standard wallet in the photo. 

These wallets from Kisetsu are made from Full Grain Nappa Leather and Crazy Horse Leather.  They come in an amazing array of colors and have some great features that are unique to Kisetsu. Some designs include the "Ninja slot," which is a quick-access card slot on the front of the wallet that can hold up to two cards for easy access.  Check the website above for more information on the different designs and enjoy looking at all the great features and the rainbow of colors.  These wallets are not only functional, they are also pretty!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

A Different Kind of Chair

I've had to use some bad desk chairs in my life.  I've worked in nonprofit offices that couldn't afford to buy nice desk chairs and for profit companies that just never had the time or a person to choose and purchase new chairs.  If you spend any time sitting at a desk, you know the chair is extremely important.  A bad chair can lower productivity and increase back, neck, and shoulder pain.  That pain can keep you from sleeping well too, which contributes to all sorts of problems.  So do yourself a favor and carefully choose your chair.

When I first looked at this picture, I actually couldn't figure out how this chair worked.  But after watching the video and looking at the site, I think this is a pretty awesome chair.  I may need to get one for my writing desk! 

It's the Kanga Heavy Duty Posture Kneeling Stool,which is a lot of words to say that it's a different kind of chair.  One that will help improve your posture by preventing slouching.  If you spend all day in a desk chair, you may want to watch this video to see how this chair works. 

Square Breathing for stress relief

Do you have stress?  How do you combat it in your daily life?  It turns out, there's an app for that!  

We all know that breathing properly helps our bodies in all sorts of amazing ways.  It helps us detox, releases tension, relaxes our mind and body, relieves pain, helps to calm our emotions, massages our organs, builds muscle, improves blood quality, improves posture, strengthens immune system, boosts energy levels, and so much more.  Reducing stress is as simple as breathing properly for a set amount of time.   

If you are looking for an app to help you breathe properly to reduce stress or improve any of the other things listed above, check out The Square Breathing App for Windows 8 and 10.  The Square Breathing Meditation App will guide you step-by-step on the correct Square Breathing technique when you are feeling the most stressed.

From their website: Help calm your nerves with the Square Breathing Meditation App. Stress and Anxiety to some degree are part of everyday modern life. One of the most effective ways to combat stress is to breathe property. Being mindful of your breath helps insure that the body doesn't go into a fight or flight response. The Square Breathing Meditation App will guide you step-by-step on the correct Square Breathing technique when you are feeling the most stressed. The Square Breathing Meditation App isn't meant to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are feeling light headed while using the Square Breathing Meditation App please discontinue use immediately.  

What do you do to relieve stress?  What are some techniques you use for proper breathing?  

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

STEM Storiez

I was asked to check out STEM Storiez and I'm really glad I was, because we will likely incorporate these into our homeschool preschool lessons.  STEM Storiez are accessible STEM e-books for young children and children with special needs.  I took a look at their website to learn more and discovered these e-books are really pretty amazing. 

From their website:  STEM Storiez is a set of switch-accessible e-books focused on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). STEM Storiez incorporate narration, interactive visuals, animations, sound, and adjustable print into an accessible format for inclusion of all children with or without special needs. The unique interactive methods incorporated into STEM Storiez are designed to support the diverse learning needs of children, while making learning fun and interactive.  Touching the screen activates the interactive visuals and sounds – each touch provides a different experience. Or use Zumo, a lovable and huggable smart toy made by engineers that makes the math and science come to life.

Using this technology, a child can learn math and science without even really realizing they are learning, which is really the best kind of learning, don't you think?  STEM fields are so important, and this is an area where I struggled as a child, so I want to give my kids every possible advantage I can.  An interactive e-book that helps teach them math, shapes, money, and so much more is something I can certainly get behind.  And one that uses a plush turtle to help with those lessons is even better.  So check out STEM Storiez and see if it is right for your child.  I'm pretty sure that turtle named Zumo is going to be under our Christmas tree this year.    

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dear Nathan (3 years old)

Dear Nathan,

How is this even possible?  My heart, my love, my little baby.  You are 3 years old!  Time flies when you're having fun - it's so true.  Since you came screaming into our lives, time has gone so quickly.  When I think about the last three years, I can't help thinking the next three years are going to go just as quickly.  Then you will be 6.  And then three more years and you will be 9.  It's almost too much to bear, to think of you growing up so quickly.  To think of you being 6, or 9, or 12... or 21.  It's scary and sad and exhilarating all at the same time. 

I can see pieces of the you that you are going to become - and that person is remarkable.  The way you look at me with such love.  The way you are so gentle with your brother and with the dogs.  The way your eyes and nose crinkle when you're being funny or smiling your giant cheesy smile.  Your brain is amazing.  Having conversations with you, hearing your jokes, the unbelievable comments that come out of your mouth, are some of my favorite things in the entire world. 

You are, and always will be my heart, my love, and my first baby.  The boy who made me a mother.  The sweet baby who nuzzled your face into my chest and the big, bold, boisterous boy who crawls up into my lap and lays his head on my shoulder.  And when you are 6, or 9, or 12 or whatever, I want you to know you can always come to me.  You can always trust me.  You can always tell me whatever is on your mind.  Because you are my boy.  And I am your mommy.  Today, and always. 

Happy birthday, little love. 

A sweet children's book

I was asked to review this book, What Do I Do Well? and I'm so happy I got a chance to read it!  This book is just absolutely wonderful. 

It begins with a young girl's excitement and worries about starting a new year at school.  She talks about missing her best friend from the previous year and hoping she will be in the same class.  The first assignment is to draw a picture of what the student does well.  She thinks about all the things she does well and comes to a very sweet and wonderful conclusion.

I enjoyed reading this book because it has a lovely story and beautiful illustrations.  As a mom, it was very heartwarming to read a story that ends with a child realizing the greatest thing she can do is give love and to care for someone else.  This is a fantastic story to read to or with an older sibling. 

This book is by author Patricia Franklin and is available for preorder right now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  The book release date is October 22.